A Blog About “A Blog”

Blogging has become an extremely popular past time and living for many people. As a matter of fact, the idea of blogging has expanded into a world of diverse websites and applications that allow people to share knowledge and information with the world in ways that are creative and unique.

Today’s tech savvy world has played a huge role in opening the doors to a variety of online instruments that promote self expression and connecting with the world. Whether it’s through traditional blogging sites, Instagram, Pinterest, or virtual reality websites like Club Penguin, the act of blogging is everywhere.

While most see blogging as a hobby or way to pass time, blogs provide individual’s with opportunities to expand knowledge and develop a deeper set of applicable life skills. With its multi-dimensional functions, it’s no surprise that blogging has become a huge trend for young children, both in and out of the classroom.

So why the interest in children’s blogs?

With today’s society being so social media focused, it is crucial for children to be exposed to experiences that will teach them how to act and respond to the online world. In a clip called “Benefits of Blogging for Kids“, it explains that children who have experience with blogging develop a better understanding of responsibilities online, as well as gain skills that enhance their personal and social development.

To dive into the topic more, here are the top 10 reasons why blogging is beneficial for kids:

1. Understanding Social Responsibility

2. Exploring Hobbies and Interests

3. Develop Stepping Stones for Future Careers

4. Learn How to Deal with Comments

5. Develop Social Skills for Life

6. Engage in Social Media

7. Improve Technology Skills

8. Interact with Different People and Cultures

9. Develop and Improve Writing Skills

10. Increase Communication Skills


So what does it all mean?

What are they writing? What are they posting about? Who do they talk to?  All kids need a foundation when entering the online world.

  • Take 8 year old Betsy Lou: Her blog “The Adventures of Betsy Lou” has opened up a door way for learning opportunities to developing a strong understanding of how to conduct herself online.

What about hockey? Butterflies? Cars? Nature? Blogging gives children an opportunity explore the ins and outs of the things that interest them most. They can express, research, and document the things that are important to them (not to mention share them and connect with others who share the same passion).

  • For Betsy Lou, it’s clear that writing is one of her passions, as she shares a number of poems throughout her blog. You can also see her love for clothing, music, and reviewing toys!

What about the future?  Doctor? Dancer? The more children can write about and explore their interests, the more they can be exposed to the types of career paths they would be most likely to follow.

  •  Both of Betsy Lou’s parents are bloggers, and she herself has a passion for writing. Through the exposure and experiences she has had with her own blogging site, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she one day makes a career out of writing!

What about online bullies or simple questions? The way some reacts to online communication is significant for social, emotional, and communicative development.

  • It’s clear that Betsy Lou’s parents have taken precautions to ensure that the comments she receives are filtered. However, in having this comment section, Betsy Lou is able to learn from her parents the proper ways to respond to the online world.

And let’s not forget the amount of language, communication, and tech skills they’ll receive as well! Not to mention exposure to things that can’t be found at home such as ancient cities, cultural artifacts/ customs, and space!


It’s clear that the blogging world is capable of promoting self-efficacy for people of all ages and stages in life! Therefore, introducing blogging to children is a good way to facilitate development and personal growth, as it provides a way for children to get experience with necessary life skills through technology based exploration and self-expression.


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